Susan the presenter




I spent over 10 years teaching technology, business processes, and soft skills to professionals for a living,.I still enjoy sharing my passion for technology with others, whether it’s an hour of code with school kids or helping professionals unlock the mysteries of data science


So your boss says you need to learn Data Science – ConFoo Montreal 2018, Confoo Vancouver 2017

Smart apps for lazy coders – ConFoo Montreal 2018, ConFoo Vancouver 2017

Changing the world one line of code at a time – Asia Pacific Microsoft Student Partner summit 2018

Azure University Tour – AI, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality & Quantum – University of British Columbia, Howard University & University of Austin Texas 2018

What’s in the Cloud for Me – Ontario Celebration of Women in Computing Conference University of Guelph 2014

You can build a mobile app – Ontario Celebration of Women In Computing Conference University of Waterloo 2013

Building Games for Windows and Windows Phone – Ottawa Gaming Conference 2012

How to build a mobile app that doesn’t suck – Digital Interactive Gaming Conference 2012

Getting Started with Windows Phone – Canadian Undergraduate Student Engineering Conference Montreal 2012

HTML5 What You Need to Know to Look Like a Rock Star

Teaching Outside The Box – tips on how to communicate ideas more effectively through visuals

Visual Studio Tips and Tricks – quick and easy things to make you look like a pro

Creating Captivating Code for Classes – Best practices for Code demos

Insights on SQL StreamInsight – The real-time data capture feature

TEDx Youth Montreal

Welcome to the Mobile Revolution – You can do so much with the power of mobile!

Visual Studio Time Savers

Tips and Tricks to save you time in Visual Studio

Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses

Introduction to Programming with Python – If you have always wanted to learn how to code, this is the course for you! Take the fear out of coding and have some fun doing it!

What’s new in Visual Studio 2013  – Find great features you can use in Visual Studio 2013


Microsoft GoDevMental – I blogged here for three years sharing resources with students

Microsoft Canadian Developer Connection – I currently blog technical content here for developers

Exam certification preparation

70-536 Exam Preparation Session – presented for Microsoft Learning, how to prepare for the 70-536 .NET Framework Exam

Susan making a fool of herself for a good cause

Certification rap proof that I should not quit my day job

Certification rap outtakes because you never get it right the first time

Are you Certifiable? evidently I am

Virtual Business Cards? Sometimes I think I live in a virtual reality



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