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Quiz – Are you a jogger, a runner or insane?

What to pack for your marathon

So that marathon sucked – now what? Getting over a bad race

Running Gear Reviews

Using your Garmin for music (without a phone) Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

How to avoid slipping on icy winter runs (traction options)

Microspikes for winter running

Marathon reports (alphabetical order)

Big Sur , Big Sur, CA, USA  (2017) spring race

Boston Boston, MA, USA (2015) spring race

Boston to Big Sur  (2017) spring race

Boston vs New York which is more awesome (2017)

Boston vs New York which is tougher (2017)

Treadmill settings for Boston training

Chicago (Bank of America Chicago Marathon)  Chicago, IL USA (2018) fall race

Chicago vs New York Marathon (2017/2018)

Grandmas marathon, Duluth, MN, USA (2016) spring race

New York marathon New York, NY, USA (2017) fall race

Philadelphia marathon Philadelphia, PA, USA (2016) fall race

BMO Vancouver Marathon Vancouver, BC, Canada (2018) spring race

Ottawa area races

5 reasons to run Canada Army Run Half Marathon (2018)

Mad Trapper Snowshoe night race yes you race in snowshoes (2018) January, Gatineau, Quebec

Mud Hero Ottawa Mud Run/Obstacle Course race (2018) June, Ottawa, Ontario

Perth Kilt Run Fun run in a kilt? why not? (2018) June, Perth, Ontario

Surf N Turf relay race run, canoe, bike, swim (2018) June, Trenton, Ontario

Out of town races

Imperial palace half marathon, Tokyo, Japan (2017) fall race

Travel and Running

Where to run in Singapore

Where to run in Seattle

Running in the Poconos


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