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Running on the road – Singapore

I travel for work, and it can be challenging but rewarding getting in a run in a new city! In this post I share the running routes I discovered in Singapore.20180518_101645

Where to stay for easy access to running routes

I recommend staying in the colonial quarter, there are lots of hotels in the area. I stayed at the JW Marriott.  The neighborhood gives you easy access to two different 5 km loops from your front door and the waterfront has some good paths.

If you are staying further out, these routes can be run from MRT Esplanade.

What time of day to run

Singapore-mapBecause Singapore is so close to the equator sunrise and sunset will be around the same time every day no matter what time of year. Expect dawn at about 7 AM and dusk to move in around 7 PM. The weather will be hot and humid no matter what time of day you run.  Expect a high between 80F/26C and 90F/33C but the humidity will make it feel more like 88F/31C to 99F/37C. If you get out at 7 AM you might get a nice cool 70F/21C with 90% humidity. You definitely want to bring water on your run! There is also a good chance you will get caught in rain or a thundershower.

Marina Bay loop

20180523_075453Distance:  5-6 km depending on the route you take through the gardens.
Path type: mix of city sidewalk, waterfront walk, and paths through botanical gardens.

Safety: These are very well travelled and touristy paths, you will meet other runners and tourists taking photos.
TIP: If you have to cross Esplanade and Raffles Avenue/Stamford Avenue there is an underground pathway you can use to cross the street.
Sights/photo ops: The Merlion, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore Flyer, and the SuperTrees at Gardens by the Bay
Wildlife: An assortment of local birds, squirrels, and if you are very lucky you might spot an otter on the waterfront near Marina Bay Gardens
Hills: None
Bathrooms: There are public bathrooms at various spots in the Marina May Gardens


MarinaBayRouteHead South from the Colonial District towards the Singapore River until you reach the path along the river. Turn left (East) towards the Marina Sands Hotel. When you reach Esplanade Drive/Collyer Quay turn right and follow it around Marina Bay. You will pass the Merlion statue with great views of the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Turn left on Marina Boulevard when you get to the end of the Marina. If you continue around Marina Bay it’s about a 3 km loop. If you stay on Marina Boulevard a little further it will take you to the Gardens by The Bay. A park made up of three waterfront gardens. Pick a path to enter the park and then look for signs to the Supertree Grove, definitely worth checking out. Then follow the signs to the Cloud Forest and Flower Done. The Cloud forest and Flower Done are the big glass buildings you probably saw in the distance, and behind them is a road you can follow back towards Marina Bay Sands. When you reach Marina Bay Sands you will find a funky pedestrian bridge shaded by sliver sails you can use to cross the Singapore River. Turn left on Marina Boulevard back until you hit the right cross road to take you back to your starting point.

Singapore Flyer Loop

20180521_075855Distance: 5-6 km depending on the side paths you follow
Path type: sidewalk and riverfront path
Sights/Photo Ops: Singapore Flyer, FI Pit Stop, and both mornings I ran this route I saw dragon boaters out practicing near Nicholls Highway.
Wildlife: The occasional bird and squirrel.

Safety: I was a female running alone and I felt perfectly safe, there were lots of other runners around. The only exception was the sidewalk along Nicholls highway, it’s a little off the beaten tourist track, but I still felt safe. I did not run this route in the dark.
Hills: None
Bathrooms: There is a public bathroom on the riverfront path about 1 km north of the F1 Pit stop


SingaproeFlyerRouteHead south from the Colonial District until you reach the Singapore River and turn left(East) along the promenade. Follow the river East staying on the North side of the Singapore River. to the riverfront path. The path leads you past the Singapore flyer and some great views of the Marina Gardens and Singapore skyline. Follow the path a little further and you pass the F1 Pit stop building on your left. You have a pleasant 2 km or so along the waterfront and eventually you reach the bridge. To get back to SunTec city you go under the bridge and turn left, there is a path that takes you to a sidewalk that runs parallel to Nicholl Highway which runs right back to SunTec City

Need a longer run?

Combine the two loops, or add an out and back along the waterfont path.  The waterfront path continues north at Nicholls Highway and it continues East at Marina Bay. I was unable to find a pedestrian friendly way to cross the river and reach East park which is another popular jogging path.

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