Book review: I Hate Running and You Can Too

I hate running and you can too

Looking for a fun, light read for you or your favorite runner. Look no further than “I Hate Running and You Can Too” by Brendan Leonard.

If I had to describe this book in one sentence? A light weekend read that provides practical advice on the mental game of training/running through all it’s ups and downs.

Who will enjoy this book? Any runner who occasionally struggles with motivation and needs reminding that yes you can do this, and you should absolutely put on those running shoes and drag yourself out the door or onto that treadmill.

Did it make you laugh? Yup! There were several relatable moments in the book that brought a chuckle or knowing smile. Like this excerpt from the chapter on competing against yourself

If you are lucky enough to run the New York Marathon I bet you won’t ever tell your grandkids “I got 33,789th place that year, but if a couple of things had gone a little differently for me I could have gotten 32,372nd place.”

Brendan Leonard – extract from I Hate Running and You can Too

Will this book only appeal to marathon runners? No, I think any runner who has set a goal and struggled to achieve that goal whether it’s your first 5 km or a Boston Qualifier will find something to relate to in this book.

Did it motivate you? Yes, it’s the type of book that motivates you to set yourself a goal, maybe even a fear-based goal (see Chapter 7) and get out there training again.

Did it provide practical advice on how to train? This book really focuses on how to get yourself in the right mindset when training. This book is not going to provide you with a training plan for your next race

Out of 5 stars what would you give it? I don’t like star ratings for books, because how much I enjoy a book depends so much on what I want to read at that moment in time, and it also depends on personal taste! So to sum up my review, Brendan writes well. I think many runners will relate to his experience. He provides some very practical tactics presented in a way that doesn’t feel heavy handed or didactic, you find yourself reading because you are enjoying the book, and filing away the ‘aha’ moments for those low-motivation running days.

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  1. Just remember, I was  16842 in London in 1996 and 12653 in London in 2000. At that rate of improvemen I would have probably won it by now except for Covid and my kneesDad


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