Revenge of the Nerds

IMG_5205Last weekend I attended Comicon in Ottawa, proof that the geek is strong in this one.

I have never attended a Comicon before, but I will admit I have always wanted to. So when I heard Comicon was coming to Ottawa, how could I stay home. My son (a bit short for a Sith Lord as you can see from the picture), his friend Theo (dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda), and I (dressed as Lady Deathstryke from the X-Men series in case you wanted to know) set out for the day along with another female engineer and her daughter who were dressed as vampire slayers complete with homemade stakes.

If you have ever felt like no-one around you understands you because they don’t know a tribble from a Dylek. If you were the only person in the theater yelling out ‘hey that’s not right’ when Bane died in the first round of Batman movies. If you sometimes find yourself empathizing with Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj. Rejoice for there is a place for all of us who once owned (or still own) 20 sided dice and have a wardrobe of shirts that include computer and Star Wars jokes.  (I like the many faces of Darth Vader shirt…happy vader, sad vader, angry vader)

It was a day to discover and rejoice in being a geek. We admired trading cards and classic toys in their original packaging, we agonized over which nerdy t-shirts to buy (I’m wearing mine today: Schroedinger’s Cat Liberation Front!), we took pictures of people dressed as characters from comic books, video games, commercials, movies, and tv series. We stood in line and paid $40 to get our picture taken with Brent Spiner (Commander Data from Star Trek for those of you not as geeky as me). We stood in lines having  conversations with complete strangers about our disappointment that Patrick Stewart cancelled and they brought in William Shatner instead.

The entire crowd was kindred spirits, it was kind of like attending Teched or TechDays, but this was an event for all ages, geeks of past and future unite! A sell out of 12000 people attended this year’s comicon in Ottawa so I don’t think there’s much doubt it will be back and so will I.

A technical conference is a great place to geek out with co-workers, but Comicon is a great place to geek out with family! Sorry Darth, you are not that boy’s father, that’s my boy, and I may be a geek, but at least in his eyes for now I’m a cool geek! Comicon rocks, come with me next time we can play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock while we wait in line!

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  1. You finally got me to read one of your blogs by picking a topic I couldn’t ignore. Very well written and I could not agree more. It was a great way to be a cool mom for Mother’s Day!


  2. Posted by Elizabeth Hosang on May 22, 2012 at 8:24 PM

    You forgot to mention that we capped off our Geeky Mother’s Day off with the perfect way to rest our feet – watching the Avengers! Love the picture. It’s so much fun passing along the simple joys of life to your kids 🙂


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