Nero JSFiddled while Rome burned

If you haven’t found it yet and you are doing HTML, javaScript or CSS development, check out jsfiddle!

Sometimes you hear about a cool new HTML5 feature and you want to explore it, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of building and deploying a web page to do it. This is when I love JSFiddle. It’s a sandbox for web development!

Let’s start with something really simple.

Go to jsfiddle and in the HTML pane type

<h1>Hello World</h1>

Then hit the Run button





Now you can see how your web page would look with that HTML in the Result pane!


Then maybe you want to try out some CSS3 features, so you add a little CSS to the CSS pane, maybe the border radius for creating rounded rectangles


If you want to try a little javaScript you can add that to the javaScript pane so you can even try out HTML5 features like Canvas!


When you are done you can  share your code with others! Cool tools make it easier to explore!

This blog is also posted on Make Web Not War

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